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"Usable" in French? "simple d'usage"

industry scope and references

Our clients' profiles vary from small pre-funded technology start-up to large corporations.

We provide consulting services to a limited number of companies through two types of assignments:

  • client team supplementing during the entire project period
  • turn-key project delivering

Reference list:

:: Bauer Group --- Press and Media
   usability engineering

:: Bertelsmann Group --- Communication and Media
   usability engineering

:: Alcatel-Lucent --- Telecommunication and Services
   usability engineering

:: CNAMTS --- France's Employee Health Insurance Fund
   usability engineering

:: Bayard Presse --- Press and Publishing
   usability engineering

:: Liberation --- Press
   usability engineering, user experience competitive analysis

:: Solsoft, Inc. --- Security Policy Management
   usability engineering

:: Workspeed, Inc. --- Commercial Real Estate ASP
   usability engineering, web strategy, web design

:: Partech International --- Venture Capital Firm
   web design, usability enginieering

:: Tropicalement Votre --- Tour Operator
   e-marketing, web strategy, usability engineering

:: US Filter France --- Industrial Equipment
   CD Rom pre-design

:: Sodimate S.A. --- Industrial Equipment
   Technical CD Rom, web design

:: Joy Thai, Ltd. --- Promotional Products
   web design, e marketing

Other references:

:: Akheron Technologies, Inc. --- Firewall Security

:: Trump, Alioto, Trump & Prescott --- Law Firm

:: Dunod --- Publishing

:: Sinpag / linkUall.com --- Groupware

:: Association des Centraliens --- Engineer School Alumni Association

:: Invest In Europe --- Investment broker