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"Usable" in French? "simple d'usage"

strategic partner

CRCI Group

Since its creation in 1978, CRCI has positioned itself as a strategic consultancy with a strong focus on the management of change processes. The Group has developed highly effective teams with European-wide capabilities. Through innovative approaches and technologies, they accompany their clients in the implementation of long-lasting improvement by searching to reinforce the synergy between strategy, structure and culture.

Main sectors of activity:

  • Banking, insurance companies, financial institutions
  • Automotive industry
  • Transportation and logistic sector
  • Large firms in public sector
  • Public services and local communities
Many of these clients are large firms with networks. CRCI has developed a high level of expertise in the area of managing and optimizing these networks (professions, structures and systems).

DOLCEVISTA partnered with CRCI Group to deliver the firm's clients with expertise in usability engineering and web strategy.